Reduced-price tickets

It is easy to spend a lot of money on IT and marketing! On the other hand, it is an art selecting the right solution, so investment commensurate with expectations and give a result you can be happy for a long time to come.

We have chosen one price on all our services. We deliver Design, consulting, teaching, IT services and project management on Price Vouchers, with a good discount.

A Price Voucher includes a "free" kickoff meeting for 1-2 hours.

You can use your Price Voucher on one larger task, several smaller tasks, and in a combination of consulting, design, teaching and IT solutions. 1 Voucher = 1 hour

If you need our support for less than an hour, we always count 15 minutes as a start-up, we can often solve your issue and simple questions in the 15 minutes. This way, you will always have the opportunity to get our support for a small fee.

When you buy Tickets, it includes a "free" kickoff meeting at 1-2 hours.

We understand -

Define - Design and Produce

At our initial meeting, we have many questions and listen, because we want to understand your needs. Together with you, we draw a mind map and puts words and concepts in place.

After our first meeting, we will immerse, examine, and analyze, in order then to come back with a proposal that we together with you, will relate to. Only when we have agreed on a plan, we start up. It is also here where we together put some time frames for the implementation.

During production, we are in constant contact. We hold online meetings, making teaching and training via SKYPE and everything is recorded on video and will be sent to you.

Time Tracker System

We keep track of time with our "Time Tracker System" and make a weekly report to identify time spent on each defined sub assignment. We register down to minutes. Our goal is to tailor a solution that fits exactly to you and your business.

Please Note

You will be invoiced from our Danish Consultancy Company:

Kaje Engineering

Price Vouchers must be paid in advance before the task's start.

Price Voucherss bought as service hours has a limited shelf life and must be used within one year. Price Vouchers bought for a specific project - will get a time frame, for ensureing focus and flow on tasks. Price Vouchers are not refundable for cash, and cannot be handed over to third parties.

On startup of the taskwe have agreed on, an invoice will be forwarded. The task starts only when the amount is deposited into our account.

Prices in EUR – incl. VAT

per day €700 /per hour €100

5 Vouchers (5 hour) €470 (save €30) (per hr €94) 6%

10 Vouchers (10 hour) €920 (save €80) (per hr €92) 8%

20 Vouchers (20 hour) €1800 (save €200) (per hr €90) 10%

40 Vouchers (40 hour) €3520 (save €480) (per hr €88) 12%

Katrine Høyer, Designer

Katrine is educated within IT, and worked as a programmer in an Engineering Company. She enjoy being creative and produce nice visible solutions. Since 1995 she has worked creatively with graphical tasks in marketing of enterprises, concepts and projects. Katrine's specialty is to create branding, on printed media and online. She also teach people to handle their own marketing on the social media platform. A very dynamic world in fast development that demands constantly updating of skills. Katrine quotes Ziglar: The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Jens Brinch Møller, IT


Jens has a background as a Carpenter, subsequently he went to university and became a construction engineer. He has since 1996 been working with strategic IT projects in large scales at corporate level - first and foremost as a project manager. When the need has been there, he has also worked as a system architect, system administrator, application specialist and programmer. Jens' specialty is to link business processes together with the business applications, to an operational unit supporting the strategic business plan.

Jens motto: Keep IT simple!

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